Meditec Company profile

Meditec Company profile

Sam-On (Meditec) is a family owned   pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged and specialized in development, production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceuticals (Rx and OTC), special nutritional supplements and medical   devices.

Sam-On (Meditec) is a fully integrated company possessing active R&D, manufacturing   , registration and regulatory affairs, marketing  ,sales  and nationwide distribution capabilities ,in house. 


  •  1946: Established  by Pharmacist Tzvi Zolotariov in Tel Aviv.
  • 1952: New manufacturing site for  tablets, oral liquids,
          and semi-solids   
  • 1962: New manager-Arieh Zolotariov, the founder’s son.
  • 1964: Relocation to Bat-Yam-new pharmaceutical plant.
  • 1964: Company produces a wide range of both Rx and OTC drugs for the Israeli market
    (Broncholate, Calmanervin and other brands).
  • 1986: Third generation starts to get involved in the company’s activities.
  • 1986: New drugs (like Kalbeten) are launched
  • 1996: Special nutritional supplements are launched.
  • 2002-4: Company completes organizational restructuring, designs a business strategy,
    and establishes development policy for the upcoming years
  • 2002-4: Company assumes a new organizational identity.
    The Meditec trademark becomes the company’s name for marketing and commercial purposes.
  • 2004: Company is led by joint general managers: Zviki and Eyal Zolotariov.
  • 2005: Launch of new nutritional plant in Caesarea-Medicure Technologies
  • 2008: Launch of new pharmaceutical manufacturing
    site in Bat-Yam.
  • 2008: Launch of medical devices manufacturing site in
    Caesarea-Medicure Technologies
  • 2012: Launch of sterile medical devices manufacturing site in
    Caesarea-Medicure Technologies


Sam-On (Meditec)‘s  diverse line (over 50 finished registered  products) consists of branded OTCs, branded ethicals, branded food supplements , generics and medical devices.

Sam-On (Meditec)  specializes  in developing and manufacturing OTC drugs containing unique formulations/combinations  with an added medical value( including natural or herbal ingredients).

Sam-On (Meditec)‘s portfolio includes broad therapeutic categories such as   cardiovascular, gastroenterology, gynecology and women’s health, respiratory   , diabetes and CNS disorders.

Our   products   are market leaders in their therapeutic categories and have driven growth of the company every year.


Sam-On (Meditec) is committed to maintain high quality production standards.

Sam-On (Meditec) operates in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health’s GMP standards and maintains an ongoing quality control system throughout all of the development and production processes.

Facilities are ISO 9001 & GMP &   ISO 13485  approved

Mission  Statement

Sam-On (Meditec) aims to maintain and expand innovative , high quality portfolio of products (self-manufactured or imported) for  physicians, pharmacists, patients and consumers for the treatment of  various medical conditions and better quality of life.

Business development/Strategy

Our mission is to achieve profitable long term growth through:

  • Identifying new market opportunities and introducing new products to the local market (self-developed or imported).
  • Identifying and developing sales opportunities for the current and future portfolio internationally

We are interested in:

*In-licensing of generic pharmaceuticals (all therapeutic areas).

*In-licensing of niche products and special generics(with little generic competition) aimed particularly at the Israeli hospital market (injectable /sterile forms).

*In-licensing of certified CE medical devices within the above mentioned therapeutic areas.

*In-licensing of special value added food supplements and nutraceutical combinations for the treatment and prevention of diseases (same and other therapeutic areas).

*In-licensing of branded ethical pharmaceuticals to enlarge our existing portfolio. We are looking for ready-to-market products within the above mentioned therapeutic areas.

We offer:

*Out-licensing of our branded food supplements (especially for diabetes).

*Out-licensing of our medical devices.

*Contract manufacturing services of food supplements, production complying with GMP regulations, either in bulk or in ready-to-market form (small to medium batch sizes, private label).

Please contact our business development department  :

Phone – 972-3-5555725


Fax – 972-3-5555747


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